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E! Investigates films segment locally on missing McStay family of four

Thursday, November 17th, 2011
Andrea Verdin , Staff Writer 

The internationally-aired program E! Investigates came to Fallbrook in mid-October to begin filming a segment it will produce on the McStay family of four that has now been missing from their home here for over 21 months. The family, last seen Feb. 4, 2010, includes Joseph McStay, 40, his wife Summer McStay, 43, and sons Gianni McStay, 4, and Joseph McStay Jr., 3.

Unless something dramatically changes between now and mid-December when the segment will air, the piece is destined to create intrigue over the family’s mysterious disappearance rather than provide new information that has been learned, as law enforcement doesn’t seem any closer to solving the case than they were at the very beginning.

The film crew has been working throughout the county interviewing individuals they feel could relate the disturbing story to their viewers. One of those they interviewed was Village News Editor Debbie Ramsey.

"I told [E! network associates] that I didn’t know anything that anyone else didn’t know at this time, but I agreed to be interviewed about the details of the case as I understood them," said Ramsey. "I am glad they are doing the segment because I am hoping in keeping the public aware of it, it could possibly ultimately turn up some new leads for law enforcement. This is a very troubling situation. Law enforcement has diligently followed up on all leads they have received and reached dead end after dead end."

The Village News has also shared all stories staff members have written relating to the case with the E! Network.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Detective Troy DuGal has been the lead on the case since the beginning.

"It is still a very open and active case; it always has been," said DuGal. "Nothing has ever changed on the status of the case, however. I continue to get what appear to be new leads and we exhaust every one of those possibilities."

DuGal said his team continues to work on it.

"We are current on all leads we have received to date; we have followed up on leads people have called in saying they’ve seen one or more of The family, who was living in a house they had purchased in the Lake Rancho Viejo development in Fallbrook, just east of Interstate 15, was reported missing by Michael McStay, Joseph’s brother. The family’s car, a 1996 Isuzu Trooper, was found in an impound yard just north of the Mexican border four days after they were last seen. The vehicle had been towed from a strip mall parking lot.

Officials, when reviewing tapes of the United States/Mexico border crossing point at San Ysidro, thought an image of the family walking across the international boundary had been captured on tape, but relatives didn’t agree on whether it was indeed the McStay family.

READ UPDATE: McStay family disappeared in Feb 2010.

E! Investigates is tentatively set to air on televsion Dec. 15, 2011.

For more information on McStay disappearance, or to report sightings, contact family website at


CHOMP COMMENTS: Where was this family from the time they left their house in Fallbrook (San Diego) until the time they parked their car in San Ysidro, and walked across the border into Mexico? Why not tell their family that they were leaving? Why cross the border at night? Who is "Summer" McStay really? Why did she change her name several times, and why does she wear sunglasses in photos?