Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Good evening, Miss Gloria. (I call her Miss Gloria now.) Last week some very nice, very kind person made some pretty little origami birds, and placed them at your memorial site all around the lovely flowers and cards.

This week the beautiful flowers and thoughtful cards have been removed. The furry stuffed animals, bright balloons, and touching messages placed at parking spot number 97 from people who care about you and your family have been removed. But somehow they missed something.

Little origami birds!

This evening the number 2 bus slipped up the hill from downtown Seattle on Spring Street, and drove by the back of the Town Hall parking lot. I always look for you, Miss Gloria, when I'm on that bus. It pulled around the corner, and stopped at Seneca and 8th. I stepped down onto the sidewalk. Maybe no one noticed the tiny folded paper birds nesting in the plants by the bus stop. I noticed. I picked up two birds with beautiful patterns on their wings.

I took them home. I took you home, too, Miss Gloria.