Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Family Handout/ABC
Terry Caffey, his wife Penny, and their children, Tyler, Matthew 'Bubba' and Erin
A welcome sign hangs at the front of the Caffey home driveway on Monday in Alba. Penny Caffey, 38, and her two sons, Matthew Caffey, 13, and Tyler Caffey, 8, were stabbed and shot to death on Saturday.       
Tyler (Staff Photo By Mark Roberts)

Convicted of killing the Caffey Family in 2009
A Texas man who is the only survivor of a cold-blooded home invasion that left his wife and two sons dead says he has forgiven his daughter for planning her own family's brutal murders.

Terry Caffey said he was sound asleep on the morning of March 1, 2008, when an explosion of gunshots filled his Alba, Texas home.

"It was so loud and it's even hard to describe," Caffey told "Nightline." "I mean, can you imagine someone standing over you and shooting when you're sound asleep and now you're being attacked in your bed?"

Four years after the massacre, Caffey's story is being reenacted for the ABC TV series, "Final Witness," set to air Wednesday night at 10 p.m. He told “Nightline” that he’s learned to accept the death of his family, and has even reconnected with his daughter, Erin, who orchestrated the massacre.

The show recreates the moment Caffey was awoken by two intruders - one was Charlie Wilkinson, his 16-year-old daughter's boyfriend.

He didn't learn until later that Erin was also in on the attack.

Wilkinson and an accomplice shot Caffey's wife Penny to death and set the family's home on fire. They fired a bullet in his 13-year-old son Matthew's face and stabbed 8-year-old Tyler to death in a closet. Caffey himself was shot several times.