Saturday, November 10, 2007


Farhat Mirza, vice-president of the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals in Montreal, says she only wears her niqab for religious activities.
(Peter Mccabe/Canadian Press)

Quebec politicians, Muslims slam new election rules on veils.
Federal law now allows women wearing niqabs or burkas to vote with their faces concealed.

Friday, September 7, 2007 CBC News

Quebec Premier Jean Charest is slamming new federal election rules that will allow Muslim women with concealed faces to vote in coming byelections, calling the policy a bad one.


Muslim women wearing niqabs or burkas over their faces won't have to remove them to vote in the three byelections, according to Bill C-31, a new federal law.

Elections Canada spokesman John Enright says new electoral rules enacted in June provide guidelines to identify registered voters whose faces are hidden for medical or religious reasons.

The new rules give electors wearing niqabs or burkas an option for providing identification: they can present two pieces of ID, of which at least one must state their address, or they can have another voter registered in the same district vouch for them.

Veiled voters who only present one piece of government identification will have to show their face to confirm their identity, Enright said.



Anonymous said...

There are 3 good looking Arab women in the world, and wouldn't you know it, you found her and her husband punched her in the left eye!
Seriously I'm sick to death of kow-towing to these savages!

"Assimilate or get your ass out of our country!" That's what I would tell them if they asked me about voting behind a mask.

Wait a minute, I know how to fix this! A whole bunch of people should show up with goalie masks AND ID and insist on voting! They couldn't accomodate such a problem and the facial crap would be prohibitted, as it should be. Just call me the "problem solver." :-)


CHOMP said...

Morgan, you are so funny! No wonder that Donal loves your posts.

I like your solution about everyone showing up with faces covered and demanding equal treatment with Muslims.

I don't see a lot of people who move here assimilating. So what's the point of coming here? I don't get it.

I find these kinds of stories all over!

The Merry Widow said...

Chomp-It's part and parcel to bringing the US under the ummah! They are here to dominate, not assimilate!


CHOMP said...

Merry Widow...I don't think the word "assimilate" translates to other cultures.

When people move to America, we want them to be Americans!

I work with a Samoan lady. They assimilated nicely. Her whole family are American! She has grown children here, and a young grandson. I tell her all the time to speak Samoan to her grandson; do not let him lose his Samoan heritage.

It's okay to have both cultures in your life.