Sunday, March 2, 2008


AP / March 1: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm investigators from Rains and Smith Counties, Texas shovel and pick through remains of a rural Alba home.




Investigators Say Family Opposition to Boyfriend
May Be Behind Brutal Texas Murders
Sunday, March 02, 2008

ALBA, Texas — Investigators say a bloody attack on a rural East Texas family's home may have resulted from family opposition to a daughter's boyfriend.

Rains County Sheriff department confirmed Sunday a 16-year-old girl is one of four suspects being held for the violent murders of her mother and two brothers.

The girl, whose name is being withheld due to her age, is the girlfriend of one of the suspects, investigators revealed. Neighbors told that the girl's parents, Terry and Penny Caffey, were trying to break up the couple.

The teen was found by police early Sunday hiding at the home of one of the suspects, although it was not clear from the police account which of them she was dating or where she has been hiding.

The four suspects, which include the unidentified teen, 19-year-old Charlie James Wilkinson, 18-year-old Bobbi Gale Johnson and Charles Allen Wade, 20, went before the Justice of the Peace and were formally charged Sunday morning with three counts of capital murder each, police said. All remained in Rains County Jail with bonds set at $1.5 million.

The scene of the attack was about 20 acres of pine-canopied, remote woodland on a narrow gravel road with just two other homes between the small East Texas towns of Emory and Alba. That is about 60 miles northeast of Dallas in Rains County, the second-smallest county in Texas.

Mrs. Caffey, 37, was killed along with her two sons, Tyler Caffey, 8, and Mathew Caffey 13, according to police. All had been shot and stabbed multiple times. Terry Caffey was in critical but stable condition Sunday in East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the head.



FairestWitness said...

How could a young girl kill her entire family over a boyfriend? There must be illegal drug taking involved. How is it possible for a girl to behave so violently without being on drugs?

This horrid story is another example of the sociopaths we're raising. What the hell are we thinking telling kids they're wonderful because they physically exist? Raising them to demand everything they want, that they're entitled to it? And if they don't get their way, they kill those who deny them.

Our child rearing methods are completely whacked in the head! We need to restore parental rights to spank when necessary. Government need to get the hell out of parents business. And our schools need to be taken back by states and municipalities. This DOE mandated crap is ruining too many kids. It also relieves parents of their responsibilities.

Kids should not have the ability to bring charges against their parents so easily. This is crap! Kids should be put bakc in the care and charge of their parents. And their parents then should be accountable and responsible for their children's behavior.

Socialisn ruins families and family values. It also destroys the humanity born in all of us.

sadandangry said...

Selfish, heartless, and immature. I hope she burn in hell.

CHOMP said...

FairestWitness, you said what I have thought for a long time. We are raising a nation of weirdos and sociopaths.

The Merry Widow said...

Why do you think I home school? I'm not putting my 2(well actually at 19 & 17 they never were in public school)and they are the better for it!
FW-A 16 yr. old girl under the influence of an older man, her sexual impulses were focused on that...and she didn't want to give it up.
But look at all the 'children' killing their own families and friends and ex-boy or girlfriends...they can't cope with disappointment.


FairestWitness said...

I hear ya, tmw. Our schools are breeding grounds for killers. What a horrible development.

xxmissfitch said...

My Dad was actually one of the people that went and picked up the Mom and 2 brothers after they had been murdered. It's so crazy that I live so close to this town and it made national news.

Anonymous said...

i lived in that town when it happended and went to school with those kids. i dont think they were insane

FairestWitness said...

Insane? Probably not. Evil? Absolutely! Sociopaths have no conscience. So sorry that your town's innocence has been lost in such a shocking and brutal way, anonymous. It's just awful to see a young girl who is so heartless.

Anonymous said...

Yes she is probably mentally disturb. People in their right minds don't kill people. It was awful what happen. That was no reason tho kill you parents don't get me wrong. But telling your daughter to break-up with her boyfriend only makes matters worse. It likes those purity programs. People think that it such a good idea. You need to treat your kids as an indivdual. Choosing boyfriends for your kids prepare them to the certain group of kids. The ones who are very conservative & very religious. That makes them pull away from you too. Thay won't come to you for advice about their boy problems if you give them the message like that. You want your kids to come to you first for emotional support & to be a good teacher for them.

Anonymous said...

Listen, Nikkie, you are an absolute psychopath. It is NEVER okay or anywhere even NEAR okay to murder ANYONE, especially family. If you're a teenager having "problems" or have issues to deal with, maybe you should consider seeing a psychologist. I don't necessarily believe that shooting and stabbing people is the right way to go. So yes Nikkie, I believe that you're the one who sounds "stupid." Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I think that this child is both mentally disturbed and possibly on one who is of right mind kills their whole family or attempts to kill their own family. I do agree that it starts at home with parents because what a child hears and see is what they grow up to mimic and be most of the time. However on the other side of the coin there are parents who take "spanking" and corporal punishment to the extreme and we see them on tv for killing their children. the sad reality is none of have the answer or solution to the problem so pointing fingers is not going to help. This girl was young, impressionable, probably in "love" with her first boyfriend and thought that she knew it all and the thought of "him" being taken away was the end of the world to her. She is sick and needs help which she will not get in the prison system but that is beside the point. sometimes these things happen and there is no one thing to "blame" it happens to children from all walks of life, public, private, home schooled. christian, non-christian, lovingand non-loving homes. all we can do is love our children, teach them right and wrong and show them with our actions the right way and then at some point it is out of our hands.......and put in theirs. My heart goes out to the father who above all has lost so much yet found it in his heart to try and move past this horrible nightmare. She will wake up one day if she hasn't already and realize what a HORRIBLE act she has done and that nothing she can do will ever replace her mother and her siblings lives.

Anonymous said...

After spending about a year with this now 20 yr old.At a minium security prison...I just couldn't figure it out...I would never have thought her capable.Her father has remarried a women with 2 little boys...she is visited often,,and well taken care of.People Magazine has been there...a book published so I'm told.I heard something about a new movie deal also...and
she is treated with nothing but kindness by the guards...special...
and between judgement on convicts that claim to be christians there is the surity she will make can that be an option???Author Unknown