Thursday, August 21, 2008


Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, is at home after walking out of the Orange County Jail this morning.

AP PHOTO / Aug. 21: Casey Anthony, mother of missing toddler Caylee, is escorted from the Orange County Florida jail by her attorney Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony released from jail
Reported by: Cary Williams Email:
Last Update: 8/21 7:17 pm

ORLANDO, FL -- Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County jail Thursday morning. Her attorney, Jose Baez, held an umbrella over her head as she left along with bounty hunter Leonard Padilla around 10 a.m.

They were surrounded by a throng of screaming reporters and photographers who yelled repeatedly, "Casey, what happened? Did you kill Caylee?" Baez yelled back, "Get away! Get away! Give her a break!" Casey was silent as she was hustled into a waiting black SUV.
She had been in jail for 36 days.

A flurry of behind-the-scenes deal-making came to fruition Wednesday night when a the owner of a Tampa-based bail bond company posted a $500,000 bond for Anthony.

The bond was posted after nearly a week of negotiations involving Padilla, his nephew Tony Padilla, a Texas-based insurance company, and Tampa-based Al Estes Bail Bonds.

Anthony faces charges of child neglect, making false statements, and obstructing an investigation. Police say she lied to them and didn't report 3-year-old Caylee missing for more than a month.

Caylee hasn't been seen since June. Her grandmother reported her missing in July.

Casey Anthony told investigators she gave her daughter to a baby sitter, but they don't believe her.


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Anonymous said...

Simply put - the penalty for Casey telling the truth is life in prison and/or the death penalty. The penalty for keeping her mouth shut? Some degree of freedom. She's a red-blooded American girl and as long as there are nightclubs in central Florida, her lips are sealed. Hopefully time will tell.