Thursday, August 28, 2008


All the bodies are from people who donated for scientific research.

"You get so involved in your project, you don't even really realise there's another body lying on the ground, just right beside you." Body Farm student

Life on Tennessee's 'Body Farm'
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A two-acre spot in East Tennessee known as the "Body Farm", littered with human corpses, has become a popular spot for real-life crime scene investigators. The Body Farm - part of the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility - was set up in 1971, by forensic anthropologist Dr Bill Bass.

Dr Bass is proud of the success of the unit.

"We have certainly helped a lot of people, solved a lot of crimes, and put some bad people in prison," he told BBC World Service's Outlook programme.


The Body Farm receives around 50 bodies a year, which are placed in the woods and other environments around the facility.

Intensive 10-week courses are run on the farm for investigators from police agencies around the US.

They learn the proper way to dig up and retrieve a buried body.

We teach them archaeological techniques so that they can recover evidence and bone in context," says Dr Lee Meadows-Jance, the co-ordinator of the Body Farm and one of the trainers.

A typical storyline of the CSI TV show might be that, when a human body is found, the forensic scientists try to establish how - and how long ago - the victim died.

Some of the methods of doing this have been pioneered by the Body Farm.

Prime among them is identifying the time of death through the presence of maggots, the recently-hatched larvae of blowflies.



FairestWitness said...

This story is just so horrid. Casey Anthony should be waterboarded until she gives up the details about how and when she murdered her daughter and where her body was disposed of. After which, death by firing squad. That mother is a monster.

CHOMP said...

Thanks for your comments, Fairestwitness. They are so true!

If anyone wants to know the definition of a sociopath, this is a case that seems to have many! This mother shows absolutely no concern that her daughter may be dead. Wouldn't a mother even be hyterical that her daughter was missing?

It's, also, sad to see that grandmother and granddad don't see the truth.

FairestWitness said...

Those poor parents probably do know, in their hearts, that Caylee is gone forever. I can only imagine what they must be feeling. There has to be a whole host of emotions they're going through, including denial, guilt, hope, anger, dread, disappointment, failure and humiliation. I wouldn't want to be them. They've got to be asking themselves, "where did we go so wrong?"

FairestWitness said...

Anonymous, George & Cindy Anthony are hardworking, taxpaying, contributing members of society. Cindy's a registered nurse, George a retired cop, now a small businessman. They are not hillbillies, although they're not very good parents.

Their son, Lee, is a blithering idiot. He is just plain ignorant.

They are in shock right now. Who wouldn't be after their daughter murdered their granddaughter? They are trying to be supportive of Casey largely, I believe, because Casey's jackass of an attorney has guilted them into believing they owe their loyalty to her.

If my daughter had done what Casey Anthony did to Caylee, I would do everything I could to see her brought to justice. There's no telling how many years of agony Casey has inflicted on her parents. She's absolutely evil.