Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vincent Romero

AP / Nov. 10, 2008: A man arrives at the funeral of Vincent Romero at the St. John the Baptist church in St. Johns, Ariz.

AP / Nov. 8, 2008: The house where Vincent Romero, 29, and Timothy Romans, 39, of San Carlos, Ariz., were found fatally shot.

Police say an 8-year-old boy confessed to murder. Legal analysts say the questioning crossed the line.

Experts: Interrogation of boy, 8, 'out of bounds'
By Ann O'Neill / CNN

(CNN) -- The third-grader's legs dangle at times from an overstuffed chair as he answers the questions of two female police officers. His manner and voice are casual, even helpful, but his words are shocking.

And so, legal analysts say, were the methods police used to obtain them.

By the time the boy was finished talking, say police in St. Johns, Arizona, he'd confessed to a premeditated double murder.

The 8-year-old is charged in juvenile court with killing his father, Vincent Romero, 29, along with Tim Romans, 39, a man who rented a room in Romero's home. Police have said the boy confessed to shooting the men. He has not entered a plea.

He will be allowed to leave a juvenile jail for 48 hours to spend Thanksgiving with his mother, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The furlough will start at noon November 26 and end at noon on November 28, Apache County court administrator Betty Smith told CNN.

Legal analysts who spoke with CNN were united in their opinion that the police questioning was improper and that any incriminating statements the boy made shouldn't stand up in court.

A review of the tapes shows that the boy's demeanor was more suitable for a session of show-and-tell than for a soul-baring confession as he describes the carnage he saw inside his home. He does not appear to be depressed, scared or sorrowful.

The body of his father's roommate was sprawled downstairs, he says. He ran through the house, shouting, "Daaaad! Dad!" His father was lying dead upstairs.



FairestWitness said...

There is no way an 8 year old boy can be charged, let alone tried for murder. If this very young child in fact committed this act, then he is a victim, too. Where was this boy's mother while this went on. How are we to know if he wasn't defendding himself? He probably didn't even know himself. This child cannot possibly be aware of what he has done. He has been exposed to many adult situations for which he was not old enough to understand. He is the most innocent of victims and his father suffered the ultimate punishment for his dereliction as a parent, the poor man.

Pete Kosednar said...

This case with the 8 year old boy in custody is just crazy stuff.

If a minor gets convicted for this crime at most this person will be locked up till they are 18 years old - that seems what most experts have been saying.

Siri said...

Who are we to judge this innocent shild "Society" we are his friends and family and teachers a church members that he had contact with. Are to to blame for his crime? Were we there when he needed to talk to be supported. If your can say you did not have time then are you responsible. If we as a society would not continue to purchase the X-box and other forms of violance and let the media continue to put these images into the minds of our youth well again you are to blame. If society thinks that children should not disaplined and reared by thier parents then if you support this you are an attribute to the situation.

Anonymous said...

The mother and father were divorced. She now has custody of her son as of december i beleive. the family are all surprised that he would do this. i belive they are constesting the so called confession since it was obtained with no guardian present. he only confessed after 2 hours of questioning. only the lord knows what really happend now that they have totaly confused this boy. i pray he keeps him safe