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Carlos Perez-Olivo listens as he is sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife.
Carlos Perez-Olivo listens as he is sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife.

Perez-Olivo Gets 25 Years For Wife's Murder
Former Clinton Neighbor To Spend Next Quarter-Century In Prison / Dec 2, 2008
Reporting Tony Aiello

WHITE PLAINS (CBS) / The Chappaqua man convicted of murdering his wife after staging a carjacking off the side of Route 100 in Millwood in 2006 was sentenced to 25 years to life behind prison for the crime on Tuesday.

Carlos Perez-Olivo, 60, had nothing to say in his own defense before Judge Barbara Zambelli handed down the maximum sentence with these harsh words: "The defendant is a master of deceit who contrived a diabolical plan to murder his wife for his own financial gain."

The plan involved the Nov. 18, 2006 shooting of Peggy Perez-Olivo. The motive: $900,000 in life insurance.

Last month, in an exclusive jailhouse interview, Perez-Olivo stuck by his claim that an unknown carjacker shot his wife.

But the jury found Perez-Olivo shot her in the head and himself in the stomach as part of a cover-up.

The Perez-Olivos had lived just down the street from Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The couple's three children still support their father. Their oldest son, Carlitos, held back tears as a letter from the siblings was read to the judge.



Thelma said...

Mr. Perez has been wrongly accused of killing his wife. Just because he had an affair does not make him a killer. Nor does it make him guilty just because he wanted to get his wife to the emergency room by his own car. You know if something happens to someone you know you would not wait on an ambulance to get where you were if you thought you could get there faster.Plus the man was shot also. Give the man a break.

RandyandShirl said...

You're an idiot, Thelma.

Perez-Olivo was flat broke... and money was, indeed, his motivation for murder. If the so-called assailant was a car-jacker... he would've taken the car. If the so-called assailant was a hit-man... he would've killed his target, NOT the target's wife while leaving the target with a minor stomach wound. Good grief. Perez-Olivo wined and dined his innocent wife of 30 years WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE THAT HE WOULD MURDER HER LATER THAT NIGHT. The guy's a cold-blooded narcissistic killer... and justice was served.

Anonymous said...

randyandshirl ..

it's not clear that a 'carjacker' would take the car .. after all, mr. olivo was allegedly fighting the alleged assailant .. it's quite possible the 'carjacker' could have aborted his mission after realizing he may not get the car due to the fight

crackle said...

carlos perez olivo was my former boss in 3rd ave chase building he may never remember who i am but i never forget a face and/or a name especially when i've worked for him and his partner at the time miguel I really don't understand why he went this far because money comes and go but a human life is not the same. I hope god forgives you carlos i hope he does any way god bless

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with "randyandshirl". Justice was served.

Anonymous said...

Money was the motive people have killed for less. Come on why would a car jacker stop him when he was in a car? I believe that he killed his wife and if he really loved his wife he would have never had an affair. He is where he belongs if his family was so honest with each other than he would have come out told them he was disbarred. He did it .