Saturday, May 9, 2009


Georgia Bureau of Investigation official seal: Crime fighters get their man!

Authorities swarm wooded area in Bogart, Georgia, where cadaver dogs found a body.
Law enforcement agents worked near a wooded area where the Jeep belonging to murder suspect George Zinkhan was found. (Vino Wong/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Associated Press)

Phil Skinner /
Athens police cordoned off an area of the Cleveland Road Elementary School playground after reports that a body was found near where George Zinkhan’s car was found.

Alpha K9 Search & Rescue cadaver dogs Circe (left) and Madison located the body of George Zinkhan Saturday. PHIL SKINNER /

Zinkhan’s body found in grave he dug
Police searched two days near elementary school
Rhonda Cook, Kent A. Miles , Chip Towers
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fugitive murder suspect George Martin Zinkhan III dug his own grave and covered himself with debris before firing a single bullet into his head, investigators said Saturday.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations’ state crime lab confirmed early Saturday evening that the body discovered earlier that day in the woods outside Athens was Zinkhan, authorities said.

“A person not accustomed to the woods would not have found it,” Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Jack Lumpkin said. “The body was beneath the earth… The body was purposely concealed in a manner not to be discovered .”

Searchers found two handguns in the grave.

Zinkhan’s well-hidden body was discovered Saturday by cadaver dogs — an Australian shepherd and a German Shepherd — at 9:50 a.m. Saturday. The civilian Alpha Search and Rescue Team was working woods beyond the initial search area.

Zinkhan’s temporary grave was in thick woods about 1,000 yards from an elementary school and about a mile from where his red Jeep Liberty was recovered more than a week ago. Zinkhan’s home in Bogart in Clarke County is not far away.



FairestWitness said...

Why do men have to shoot their wives and innocent bystanders before they commit suicide? Why not just end it all without hurting others, especially when there are children to raise? Now they have no one. How tragic.

CHOMP said...

Thank you for your comments FairestWitness. You always have an excellent point to make.

I have often wondered the same things. If you are going to commit suicide, just go do it. Don't hurt other people, and make their children and families suffer. Don't leave your own children without a mom and dad.

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