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UPDATE 3: Two charged with first degree murder in 2010 slaying of Des Moines woman

Court documents reveal an alleged brutal and premeditated murder
By Ty Swenson  /  06-30-2011

Update for July 8

Synae Araya McMillon-Cooper, 21, Threadgill's co-defendant in the murder case of Jennifer Walstrand, pleaded not guilty as well on July 7. McMillon's case setting is on July 20, same day as Threadgill's.

Update for July 6
According to King County Prosecutors, Daniel Threadgill pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges on July 5. Threadgill's case setting is scheduled for July 20 (where they decide on a trial date).

Threadgill's co-defendant Synae Araya McMillon-Cooper's arraignment was postponed until later this week.

Update for June 30
Daniel Alexander Threadgill, 23, and Synae Araya McMillon-Copper (referred to as McMillon from here on out), 21, have been charged with first degree murder in the slaying of Jennifer Walstrand in Des Moines in August 2010.

Charging documents released on June 24 by the Superior Court of Washington for King County reveal Des Moines detectives used anonymous tips, witness testimony and wiretap surveillance in building a case against the accused.

Walstrand, 28 years old at the time of her death, was found brutally stabbed and beaten in her Des Moines apartment on August 31, 2010. Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Scott M. O’Toole requested that bail be denied for Threadgill and McMillon, with an alternative of $5 million bail for each defendant.

In O’Toole’s words, “The vicious attack on Jennifer Walstrand – 63 stab wounds, in addition to the substantial injuries from having her skull stomped on – and the defendants’ total lack of remorse are further evidence of the extreme danger that they present to the community.”


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