Sunday, January 6, 2008


*K-Fed feared Britney would use the pistol HE gave her

*She took 100 pills in 36 hours

*Rambling star tried to buy kids from him for $100m

*She was like something from 'Exorcist' in hospital

K-Fed's call to cops: 'Britney's got a gun'

By Rav Singh

A panic call from Britney Spears' husband sparked her stand-off with cops - because he feared she would SHOOT DEAD their two sons.

As Brit left hospital, a pal said: "K-Fed was terrified. He realised she had a gun where she was holding them."

We can reveal that Kevin Federline feared his ex would use the Beretta pistol he bought her as a birthday gift to MURDER their two young sons.

And it was his desperate call for help that started the dramatic three-hour siege at her Hollywood home as she held armed cops and a specialist SWAT team at bay and refused to hand over the boys.


The News of the World can reveal that K-Fed, 29, panicked on Thursday night after realising the fallen pop princess kept the handgun—a Beretta 92FS—in the master bedroom where she was holding the kids, Jayden James, one, and Sean Preston, two.

Convinced that in her out-of-control state she would use the weapon to kill the lads then turn it on her herself, the wannabe rapper rang his lawyers who alerted the authorities.

Last night as Britney was sensationally released from hospital after throwing a tantrum, a source close to the warring couple revealed: "Kevin knew she was on the edge and might snap at any time.

"Knowing there were TWO firearms in the house, including the Beretta, he wasn't taking any chances— hence the massive police response."

In the most nightmare week yet of Britney's crazed life, we can also reveal that although NOT high on illegal drugs she:

SWALLOWED bottles of ‘hillbilly heroin'—a highly-addictive drug called OxyContin that's killed hundreds in America,

BINGED on a mindbending cocktail of more precription drugs before defying the police,

PLEADED with Kevin to SELL her the kids for a multi-million payoff in a tearful phone call,

FOUGHT with bodyguards to hang on to her children,

BASHED her own head against the wall in a fit of blind rage.


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