Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Otis Blunt: Second escapee captured!

Reverend Al Sharpton

Authorities Nab Second Escaped New Jersey Inmate in Mexico City
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Associated Press

ELIZABETH, N.J. — Authorities in Mexico City on Wednesday captured the second of two inmates who made a daring escape nearly four weeks ago from a northern New Jersey jail, the U.S. marshal for New Jersey said.

The apprehension of Otis Blunt came less than a day after federal and local authorities captured his cohort, Jose Espinosa, in a basement apartment a mile from the jail in Elizabeth. Blunt was arrested by Mexican Federal Police about 4:30 p.m. EDT, said Marshal James T. Plousis.

He did not immediately have details on the capture or when Blunt would be returned to New Jersey. "That's not a problem, with extradition," Plousis said.

Authorities and the office of the Rev. Al Sharpton had no immediate word on whether the civil rights leader's visit Tuesday and Wednesday to Mexico City in an effort to arrange Blunt's surrender played a role in the arrest.

Blunt's capture came on the day that authorities revealed that it took guards 20 hours to notice that the two inmates had escaped from the most fortified section of Union County Jail.

The ongoing investigation into the breakout has found no evidence that guards knowingly assisted the prisoners, one of whom was captured Tuesday night in a basement apartment a mile from the jail, Union County prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow said.


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