Wednesday, January 16, 2008


DeKalb Police Officers Eric Barker (left) and Ricky Bryant Jr. (right)

Herbie Durham, Suspect Arrested

DeKalb Police Chief Terrell Bolton holds pictures of the two police officers who were shot and killed at the Glenwood Gardens apartments.

Man Charged in Police Slayings
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DeKalb County police have arrested a man in the murder of two police officers. Those officers were off-duty working security at an apartment complex when they were gunned down early Wednesday morning.

Herbie Durham, 32, is in jail, charged with the murders. Police said they are making "significant progress" in the case."

Within 24 hours of this horrible murder of these two police officers, who were gunned down, the walls are beginning to fall down around the ones who committed this crime."

Police announced the arrest of one suspect, but said there are more responsible for the murder of two off-duty officers, who were ambushed outside the Glenwood Garden Apartments on Glenwood Road.

Reward Grows

The reward for information leading to the identities, arrests and convictions of whomever it was who shot and killed the two DeKalb County Police Officers Wednesday morning grew by Wednesday night to $60,000, according to DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Keisha Williams.

The officers were gunned down while answering a suspicious person call while at a security job at an apartment complex on Glenwood Road.

The slain officers were identified as Ricky Bryant Jr. and Eric Barker. Bryant had two years on the force and Barker had four. Each officer left behind four children and a wife.

"Hearing the screams of the widows that are without husbands now [is] a sound you never
want to hear," Chief Terrell Bolton said Tuesday afternoon.


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