Saturday, January 19, 2008


Police Release 911 Call Of Killed Lewisville Teens
ReportingBud Gillett
Jan 16, 2008

IRVING (CBS 11 News/AP) ― What were likely the dying words of a 17-year-old girl found shot to death alongside her sister on New Year's Day can be heard on a 911 recording released Wednesday by police, who are still searching for the girls' father.

Often, in a major crime case, the 911 call can offer clues that are vital to the investigation. CBS 11 News has received the 911 calls from the murders of Lewisville sisters, Sarah and Amina Said.

"Help," says a crying voice, later determined by police to be Sarah Said. "I'm dying. Oh my God. Stop it.

"Amina, 18, and her sister were found shot multiple times in a cab outside an Irving hotel. A capital murder warrant has been issued for their father, Yaser Said, 50, who has not been seen since the Lewisville High School students were found dead.

Police could not immediately find the girls after Sarah called 911 from a cell phone around 7:33 p.m. on Jan. 1.

Today many people have questions about what's heard during the girls' call for help.It was a frantic last call from younger sister Sarah.

Click here to listen to the call in its entirety
(WARNING: This call is graphic).

The call came before Sarah Said died and lasted less than a minute. Police presume Sarah called from inside the taxi where the sisters were slain.


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