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Jessie Marie Davis

Jessie Davis' 2-year-old son, Blake, right, was the first to provide clues into the disappearance of the expecting mother from her Lake Township, Ohio, home, by telling police, "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in rug." One week later, on June 23, 2007, police found Davis' body in a park and arrested Bobby Cutts Jr., who is said to be the father of the baby she was supposed to deliver July 3, 2007.

Former Canton patrolman Bobby Cutts Jr. breaks down while testifying in his trial Monday in Canton, Ohio. Cutts could receive the death penalty if convicted of killing Jessie Marie Davis, inset, who was nine months' pregnant with his child. (Pool Photo/AP)

Cutts murder trial wraps for the day
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February 06, 2008 17:11PM

A witness in the Bobby Cutts murder trial stunned the court when he revealed Cutts said he wanted to kill Jessie Davis a full month before her death.

"I'm going to kill the bitch and throw her in the woods," Richard Mitchell said Wednesday afternoon, recalling a conversation he had with Cutts.

Mitchell, a longtime friend of Cutts, said he thought Cutts was joking. But Mitchell also testified that he told authorities he would not tell them if he knew anything about Cutts' role in the disappearance of Jessie Davis.

Cutts, a former Canton police officer, is accused of strangling Davis in her Plain Township home before dumping her body in the tall grass of a wooded area in a Summit County park. Co-defendant Myisha Ferrell testified Tuesday that Cutts, 30, admitted killing Davis June 14, holding up one bent arm to show how he choked Davis to death.

Canton police officer David Clouse testified that he trained Cutts and other officers to use choke holds to restrain unruly prisoners. Clouse said he only teaches officers how to use a hold that places pressure on blood vessels in the side of the neck.

But he also demonstrates a more dangerous hold that can suffocate, Clouse said. He demonstrated it on an assistant county prosecutor and it resembled the hold that Ferrell described on the witness stand.

Cutts' former wife, Kelly Schaub, testified about the ongoing affair Cutts had with Davis while married to Schaub. Schaub said she often spoke to Davis, trying to convince Davis to leave her husband alone.

Two other women testified about having affairs with Cutts, bringing to four the number of women who had romantic links to Cutts in 2007. Part of the state's case is that Cutts was under increasing pressure because of the affairs, financial problems and his crumbling marriage.


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