Wednesday, February 13, 2008


William Flynn, 33, tearfully apologized as he asked for a reduced sentence.

Flynn, shown on the stand on his 17th birthday, was 16 when he shot his older lover's husband.

Pamela Smart doesn't deny she had an affair with Flynn, but says she had no role in her husband's slaying.

Gunman in Smart case denied release
Tue February 12, 2008
Associated Press

BRENTWOOD, New Hampshire (AP) -- The gunman in the notorious Pamela Smart murder case has been denied early release from prison, but he will be eligible for parole three years earlier than he previously would have been.

William Flynn, 33, was 16 in 1990 when he shot Smart's husband in the couple's condominium.
He said he killed Smart at the behest of his wife, Pamela Smart, a media coordinator at Flynn's high school who had seduced him and was threatening to break off their affair.

Judge Kenneth McHugh, in an order released Tuesday, found that 18 years in prison for the murder wasn't enough.

McHugh wrote that after hearing the expressions of hurt and anger from the Smart family at Flynn's hearing last month, the court suspects that even Flynn "in the deep recesses of his soul would agree."

McHugh ruled that Flynn could become eligible for parole after he had served 25 years in prison, three years sooner than he would have under the 28 years-to-life prison sentence he is serving. Flynn had asked to be released now because he has spent more than half his life behind bars.

Flynn will have served 25 years in prison on June 4, 2015, when he is 41, according to Susan Morrell, senior assistant attorney general.


Movie starring Nicole Kidman, "To Die For," was based on the Pamela Smart story.


Anonymous said...

I belive this guy paid his dues nothin will ever bring mr. smart back but this guy was only 16. Excuse my French but.I dnt think he was n his rite mind when he did this smh no one can bring Mr smart bac n yes billy did desiver to get lock up but hes always goin b n persion n his mind becus he took a man from his family rip Mr smart

Anonymous said...

I agree. She was the trigger behind the gun, and he has done his time. I feel for for all families involved, if she was unhappy, she should have just left.

Anonymous said...

C'est terrible, ces personnes ├ętaient si jeunes !

Adam Canney said...

I hope that Billy is released soon.He has more than paid for this crime,with all the suffering that everyone in this mess has gone through,in particular the Smart family,maybe some good will come from Billy's release.Since he was a victim also,I feel he isn't a threat to society.I've had a murder victim in my own family and every case is different.I hope that Billy finds happiness and some peace in his life and that he is basically a good person.It's unfortunate that he was sentenced as an adult.Since Pam Smart manipulated a teenager Billy will always remain a victim.The Smart family can have some sense of justice with the real perpetrator behind bars,not Billy.He has spent many years in prison,I hope that he is paroled soon and hope that the Smart family can feel the same way about his release,it may even help them heal,I can say this from experience.I think that Billy is a good man and hope the best for his future. Paige

Adam Canney said...

In response to anonymous,I feel the same way,why in the world didn't this woman get a divorce? She was a new college graduate,didn't have any children yet,had her whole life ahead of her.If it were me I would've told my husband and gotten a divorce in the most civil way possible,it can be done,they were both young,it could've been an easy divorce.If I had feelings for Billy,well it would've been better to wait until he was at least 17,and I would've continued a relationship with him without all the sneaking around stuff,and I would've respected him.Whether society likes it or not it is very true that guys are different at that age when it comes to sex than girls are.That's just the way it is and really nothing wrong with that as long as the older woman does respect him which if you really love someone that just goes along with it.Billy was a really cute guy,but Pam didn't have caring feelings for him,just feeling the power of manipulating a teenager,and that feeling of control and power ,I believe,made her feel like she could get people to do anything for her and this was a great power trip for her.This sick feeling of power and in addition the lack of any real caring feelings for anyone in her life led to an evil act of killing Gregg,she never loved him either.These people are scary and she's where she should be.Billy Flynn deserves a chance of freedom,he isn't a threat to anyone,and was a victim himself due to his age.Hopefully he'll be out soon and Pam won't be in control of it,which will probably really piss her off.In order for the Smart family to continue the healing process Billy should be allowed out soon so that some positive things can begin to transpire out of this situation.Just my opinion. Paige(not Adam)