Saturday, June 28, 2008


Note: 'I'm killer' of Spc. Touma
By Nancy McCleary / Fayetteville Observer Staff writer
Published on Saturday, June 28, 2008

A person claiming to be the killer of the pregnant soldier found dead in a motel has written an anonymous letter calling the murder a “master piece” and threatening to kill again.

On Friday, sources requesting anonymity told The Fayetteville Observer that a symbol used in the letter is identical to one found written in lipstick on a mirror in the Fairfield Inn room where Spc. Megan Lynn Touma’s body was discovered June 21.

The letter, which was received by the Observer on Wednesday and immediately turned over to the police, was signed with a symbol resembling the one connected with the Zodiac killer, a notorious serial killer in the late 1960s.


The letter, which appears to have been composed on a typewriter, is dated June 17, four days before Touma’s decomposed body was found in the bathtub of Room 143.

The letter was postmarked June 24, the day before it arrived at the paper, and carried a local postmark. The envelope was smeared and blackened with an unknown substance.


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Anonymous said...

How did this author of the letter, know the exact room number, the sign on the mirror, and the location of the body. I truthfully think the police and Military are providing the media to much information in this case. And if in fact he sat there and watched the investigator's doing their jobs, he got over on you. Go with your gut instincts, because he is your man, and he will do exactly what he says in his letter. I believe he is familiar with the police unit and the Military. I do not think he is on active duty at this point in time, but may be dressing up in a uniform as one and using it to enter on base then leave un noticed. He is a person right under your nose, feel him and use your gut feeling, then you got him, I am sure of it. The author of the letter just knows to much information for it to settle with me.