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AP /2008
Sheila LaBarre enters court today before the judge met briefly with the jurors to start the day of her insanity trial at Rockingham County Superior Court in Brentwood, N.H.

Kenneth Countie: Victim of Sheila LeBarre

Jurors take a walk around the outside of what was Sheila LaBarre's horse farm in Epping. Police would not allow them to view the inside of the house because it has been vandalized and is unsafe.
Ken Yuszkus / Staff photo

Carolynn Lodge, mother of Kenneth Countie, walks up the road to Sheila LaBarre�s farm in Epping. Lodge visits the farm daily to bring flowers to the site where her son's alleged murder took place.
Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

N.H. woman who killed 2 boyfriends sane, jury says
AP/ Posted: 2008-06-21

BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) — A woman who claimed she was an angel sent from God to punish pedophiles was convicted Friday of murdering two boyfriends by a jury that rejected her insanity defense.

Sheila LaBarre, 49, was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In 2006, police found her burning trash that contained the bones of one of her victims, Kenneth Countie. The remains of Michael Deloge, killed in 2005, also were found on LaBarre's horse farm in Epping, about 50 miles north of Boston.

As the jury filed out after the verdict, relatives of the victims burst into applause.
"This is for my son," said Countie's mother, Carolynn Lodge. "(For) two years, my son could not rest. Now he can rest."

During the five-week trial, defense lawyers argued that LaBarre, 59, was a delusional woman who believed every man in her life was a pedophile and who saw herself as an avenging angel. The prosecution countered that she was a "crude, manipulative, cruel and vindictive" woman who violently lashed out at the men she dated.


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