Friday, January 23, 2009


Undated file photo originally provided by the Browning family: Tamara, left, and John Browning, center, are shown with their children Nicholas, top right, Benjamin, left, and Gregory, right. (AP Photo/Browning Family)

Jan 23, 2009: Assistant State's Attorneys Ann Bropst and Leo Ryan portrayed Nicholas Browning, 16, as a cold, calculating killer. (Photo by Bryan Sears)

Md. teen who killed family gets 4 life sentences
By BEN NUCKOLS Associated Press Writer © 2009 The Associated Press
Jan. 23, 2009, 8:34PM

TOWSON, Md. — Two days before he was sentenced to four life terms for killing his parents and younger brothers, an honor student from an upscale Baltimore suburb joked about escaping from prison in a jailhouse phone call to a friend.

Nicholas W. Browning took a different tone at his sentencing hearing Friday, sobbing and telling relatives, "I'm so sorry."

Baltimore County Circuit Judge Thomas J. Bollinger sentenced 16-year-old Browning to serve two of the life terms consecutively, meaning he could be eligible for parole in 23 years with good behavior.


Prosecutors also showed clips from Browning's videotaped interview with police the day after he killed his parents, John and Tamara, and his brothers, 14-year-old Gregory and 11-year-old Benjamin, then went to a friend's house to play video games.

The high school sophomore showed little emotion and confidently predicted that a jury would believe his story that burglars were responsible for the killings.

Ryan pegged money as the motive for the slayings, saying abuse would not explain why Browning also killed his brothers.

Browning ultimately confessed in the same interview. Asked why he killed his brothers, he said, "I thought if no one was there to say anything that my story would go, because I was the only one."



Anonymous said...

I was Nicks grandmothers hospice nurse at the time of the shootings. I was just stunned as was everyone else who knew this family. Even though Mrs Browning was dying her own death, she showed such courage,strength and love. She never showed anger towards her grandson for taking her family and if she did it most definitly was behind a closed door. I don't know how she forced herself to show support and the love she gave Nick at the end of her lifes journey but I truly pray that Nick appreciated those moments she gave him.

Anonymous said...

He lived near us and was one of our neighbor's sons best friends. This whole thing is tradgic. mental illness is so very misunderstood. At 16 our brains
are not fully developed in the areas of decision makeing.This case is truely sad.......