Saturday, September 4, 2010


UPDATE: Murdered 28-Year Old Des Moines Woman Identified
Posted by Scott Schaefer on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 11:06 pm

According to The Seattle Times, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the woman who was found murdered in her Des Moines apartment Tuesday as Jennifer L. Walstrand, 28.

Walstrand apparently died from multiple stab wounds and blunt-force injury to the head.

As we reported Tuesday (Aug. 31st), police found her body in a triplex apartment in the 24000 block of 25th Ave South, near Highline Community College.

Police say that the landlord of the complex, who lives in an adjacent unit, called 911 just after midnight, after hearing “thumping” sounds a short time earlier. The landlord also stated the dogs inside the unit were barking excessively, which was unusual.



Aimee Waters said...

Jennifer was my friend for the last six years. I am heartbroken that somene could do this to her and am angry because I KNOW SOMEONE knows EXACTLY what happened to her and they need to tell the police. Jen was a friend to me through some rough times and helped me through a bad time of my life. She isn't a "throw away", she had dreams and was doing her best to make them happen. Just like the rest of us..she just wanted someone to love her and be as loyal to her as she was to them... MY GOD! SPEAK UP!!! SHE WOULD!!! PLEASE HELP FIND HER KILLER.. I AM SURE WHOEVER IT IS IS CLOSER TO EVERYONE THAN THEY THINK AND WILL DO IT TO ANOTHER GIRL TOO!! I love you Jennifer "Face" and will think of you always. I will keep you in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer was an amazing person. I will always remember her.

Lisa said...

My name is Lisa brown i have known jennifer since she was 17 she and i were best friends as i was doing everything she was doing when we were out there. She helped me when my mom dies when we were in jail together in 2003 i will never ever ever forget her! we had bad times and good times i love jen like a sister! i am glad i found this website, i lost contact with jen when we both went to prison 2006, and reconnected when we both were finally sober and in school ! we were so proud for each other! I talked to her a few weeks before her sinceless death and i was going to meet her for lunch on the first day of school september, although i did not hear from her and the first day of school isaw the highline news paper and just colasped. Jennefer was a happy, spunky,strong person and i am happy to have had her in my life! The truth will come out and someone will be punished i would like to give peace to her family she loved them so much !!
Lisa brown

CHOMP said...

Lisa..I appreciate your comments for Jennifer Walstrand. I still haven't heard any updates on this case.