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(Clockwise from top left) Jasper Frazier, 36, Ronald Davis, 30, Donte Hobson, 30, and Zarumin Coleman, 21. - IMPD

January 23, 2008
Officials: Suspects in Hovey St. killings were after pot, cash
By Vic Ryckaert

What prosecutors say happened

What officials allege these men did in connection with the Hovey Street killings:

Jasper Frazier, 36: He accompanied Ronald Davis into the house in search of 50 pounds of marijuana and cash, officials say. Told police Davis shot the four victims using a Glock pistol, officials say.

Ronald Davis, 30: Claimed to have carried a 9 mm pistol into the house and told police Frazier shot the women, officials say. However, others said Davis carried the Glock used in the killings, and Frazier told police that Davis killed the victims, officials say.

Donte Hobson, 30: Rode in the SUV to the house and waited outside, officials say. Advised the two who entered the house to try a crowbar after they couldn’t break in on their first attempt, officials say.

Zarumin Coleman, 21: Told police he picked up Frazier, Hobson and Davis in a black SUV “rented” to him in exchange for drugs and drove them to the house, officials say. He remained in the vehicle, officials say.

Tommy Warren, 24: Agreed to rob the house with Coleman in a search for 50 pounds of marijuana and cash, but he did not participate in the robbery, officials say. He has not been charged in the case.

Source: Marion County prosecutor’s probable-cause affidavit.

The plan turned deadly when 10 shots were fired from a .40-caliber handgun at Gina Hunt, 24, and Andrea Yarrell, 24, as they cowered behind a bed, according to a probable cause affidavit filed Tuesday in Marion Superior Court. Clutching their children in their arms and begging for their lives, the women insisted there were no drugs in the house, one of the suspects told police.

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