Sunday, January 20, 2008


A family photo of Gina and Jordan Hunt, who were murdered in Indianapolis on Monday.

Photos by Matt Detrich, The Indianapolis Star/AP
Family photo of Andria Yarrell and daughter, Charlii, who were murdered along with the Hunts, seen above.

Cops hunt killer of baby, tot, moms

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A baby, a toddler and their mothers were shot to death while the women held their children in their arms, police said Tuesday as officers searched for two men seen running from the victims' home.

All four victims were shot repeatedly late Monday, said Indianapolis Assistant Police Chief Eva Talley-Sanders. All died at the house on the city's north side except for 4-month-old Charlii Yarrell, who died at a hospital.

"I can't imagine what kind of evil it takes to shoot two women and the innocent children in their arms," Police Chief Michael Spears said at a news conference.

The other victims were Jordan Hunt, 23 months; his mother, Gina Hunt, 24; and Charlii's mother, Andrea Yarrell, 24.

Police said they had identified people they wish to question and were looking for them, but they would not name the people or describe them. Two handguns were found within a block of the house, where all four of those killed lived, said Sgt. Matthew Mount, a police spokesman.



Anonymous said...

This is so very sad. It does not make any sense at all. I just can not believe anyone in their right mind would have done this horrific shooting. I pray that the police catch you. I pray that you turn yourself or selves in to the police. But most of all I pray for God's strethen for this family. To help deal with this awful crime that has happen to them. May God bless and be with you.

Anonymous said...

You should submit it to community.