Wednesday, January 23, 2008


DNA test of suspect shows no link to Capitol Hill stabbing

Forensic testing has failed to provide any connection between evidence gathered from the scene of Shannon Harps' slaying on New Year's Eve and a man who caught the interest of Seattle police detectives investigating the case.

Even as police admitted the case remains wide open with no suspects in hand, they also announced extra patrols, particularly in the East Precinct, which includes the Capitol Hill neighborhood where Harps, 31, was stabbed repeatedly outside her condominium.

After her slaying, police issued a sketch of a bearded man witnesses saw running from the scene of the murder.

As tips poured into the department in the days following, one tipster alerted them to a 29-year-old man with a violent criminal past who resembled the sketch.

The man was detained Jan. 5 by the Department of Corrections for violating conditions of his community supervision and has been in custody since then.

But on Wednesday, the police department issued a statement, saying, "The forensic testing and investigative efforts completed to date have not provided sufficient information for an arrest."

Sources familiar with the case said the man's DNA simply did not match what was found on evidence collected from the crime scene.

Officially, the department has not acknowledged that any evidence was collected from the area around Harps' murder and on Wednesday continued that silence, with Sgt. Deanna Nollette saying she could not comment on evidence that is part of an ongoing investigation.

Nollette also said the department continues to hope that a tip from the public will help break what has proved to be a difficult case for detectives.


Do you have information about the death of Shannon Harps?
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The Merry Widow said...

Have you noticed the strong uptick in violent crimes against women?
I believe that the murders of small children by their fathers and these crimes against women are a stark indication of the barbarian road we have gone so far down as a society and nation.
Instead of protecting the weaker and innocent, they are being tortured, abused and killed...a lack of natural affection to be sure!


CHOMP said...

Oh Merry glad to hear from you.

Yes, it does seems like there is more crime against women and children.

Donal, Paul and I are interested in this case because it is in Seattle. I had hoped the police caught the guy...but the DNA said no.

My blog seems to have turned into a crime blog. I like to think I can put up info and pics to help find missing people, or to find killers.